Struct interval_onset

fd::interval_onset — Specification of an onset point (action point) within a certain interval.


// In header: <fd/interval_types.h>

struct interval_onset {

  // public data members
  time_value_t second;
  time_value_t minute;
  time_value_t hour;
  greg_value_t monthday;
  greg_value_t month;
  greg_value_t yearday;
  greg_value_t weekday;
  iso_weekday_value first_dow;
  greg_value_t nth_kday_of_month;
  std::wstring name;


The onset specification can also be described as an offset to the origin of the interval.

The term 'onset' is borrowed from music theory where it is used to mark the beginning of a note, but doesn't denote pitch or length. Likewise the onset for interval scheduling marks the starting of some action, without specifying the action itself or its duration.

Refer to and to learn more about onsets.

Example: 5s past the minute, 3rd monday of the month, ...